Friday, February 4, 2011

CNCRouterBuild Index

Design and Construction of CNC Router

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Analysis of Linear Bearings for the CNC Router
  •     A discussion of existing designs and a new solution.
Part 3: Design and Building the Base
Part 4: Design and Building Gantry Base (not yet)
Part 5: Design and Building Gantry (not yet)

Other Related Projects


  • CUMC: CNC USB Motion Controller, our version of "" device
  • Step Motor Driver: SLA7062M , both opto-isolated and non--isolated versions
  • Step Motor Driver: SLA7078MPR,                  "
  • Step Motor Driver: TB6560, (not yet),         "
  • Step Motor Driver: L297.298, (not yet),       "

Building a CNC Router Table

Drill Press Accessories and Secrets
  • You and your drill press: Is it usable or junk? or What should I buy?
  • What is runout?
  • Fixing up an old 10" Craftman drill press: Measure runout, change chuck, etc.
  • Making a drill press table.
Jigs and Other Useful Tools
  • Table Saw Sled
CNC Router Templates
  • NEMA 23 step motor template

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