Sunday, April 24, 2011

Table for CNC Router

I decided that I needed a table on which to both assemble and run the CNC router and which incorporates a heavy stable top made of MDF. The table design is based on Scott's router table shown on this site, The construction uses Kreg pocket screws and glued joints and is made of Poplar. Adjustable feet are incorporated for leveling the table and, possibly, retractable casters. Since Scott's site shows construction details, only a few photos will be shown for this project with an explanation of any differences.

The table height is 37 1/2" with a top surface 24" by 32" by 1 1/2". The home stores carry 1 1/2" square Poplar cut to 36" which was used for the legs.  The top is made from two pieces of MDF glued together with wood glue. A trowel was used to spread the glue in a thin layer and clamps and heavy weights used during bonding.

The construction sequence is as follows:

  1. Glue and screw all joints
  2. Make two side assemblies as shown in the first picture.
  3. Add the four cross members to one of the side assemblies, picture 2.
  4. With the base upside down use a doweling jig to drill 7/16 holes in the leg bases, picture 3.
  5. Screw threaded inserts ( McMaster 92105A415, 5/16-18) in leg bases.
  6. Add levelers (McMaster 23015T62)
  7. Turn base right side up and attach top. Note pocket screw holes in first picture for this purpose.

Poplar is soft enough that care must be taken using Kreg screws, so set the torque on the drill to prevent screw tear-out.

Side Assembly
Adding side pieces
Drilling holes for 5/16 threaded insert for levelers using Harbor Freight doweling jig.
Assembled table
Table with CNC Router base end pieces.

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